NEMESIS – an Australian success story

NEMESIS  – an Australian success story
introduced as a new termite management system in May 2005
nemesis is an Australian designed & manufactured product
nemesis achieved a 30% share of the Australian termite baiting market in its first year
30,000 installations in the first eighteen months
now being exported to many countries in SE Asia and the Middle East

nemesis bait matrix

manufactured using the finest quality alpha-cellulose combined with an insect growth regulator.
bait is pre-moistened and placed in stations where termites are actively feeding.
it is consumed readily by the termites without them being aware that the bait will have a devastating effect on the entire termite colony.

Above-ground stations

manufactured using flexible, grey plastic, shallow- profile.
designed to fit walls, architraves, skirtings, quad timbers & cornices
attached directly onto timbers where termites are actively feeding.

In ground stations

dark, flexible, UV light- proof plastic, designed to act like a solar still, with a shallow profile tamper- resistant lid.
the timber inserts, made from Eucalyptus regnans, scientifically proven as highly attractive to termites, are grooved to increase surface area which encourages more termites to feed.
the station discourages entry from black ants and other ground insects.
the station features a large void space for insertion of the nemesis bait matrix without disturbing termites.

In - concrete / pavers stations

stainless-steel and rubber O-ring cap is placed over a core-drilled hole in concrete areas.
two nemesis timbers are placed directly in the soil underneath the cap.
paved areas are covered by placing a plastic in-ground station directly under the paver as shown.

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